Founded in 2010 as a specialist health property development company, we have developed a unique approach which is proven to improve the outcomes for all involved in building healthcare facilities in New Zealand.  

The result is a healthier practice, a healthier investment and healthier communities.


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We Take Care of Building Health

There’s not too many companies like Medispace.  The reasons for that are simple.  What we do is incredibly complicated and takes the collective expertise of a team that has been specially assembled to take care of absolutely everything.  We take care of every step in the entire process, providing design services, project management, construction and fit-out. 

With over 20 health hubs completed throughout New Zealand, we are the leading experts in building healthcare facilities.  


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Healthier Businesses

Everything is set up for success.  That comes from experience and a track record of improving business performance by making sure the building makes everything easier for the Doctors, Nurses and Patients.

The building is usually the biggest investment a business makes, so it needs to be maximised to help the efficient delivery of healthcare and support complimenatory functions and revenue streams.  We're skilled in moulding the building to suit your operations and your aspirations for the future.  This provides the very best platform for business success, today and tomorrow.  

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Healthier Communities

A Healthcare Hub is not just a business for the community that supports it.  It means much more, and our approach connects business success with community smiles.  That way, we develop business assets and community assets.

We also understand the connection between wellbeing and the places where we live.  Through our health and wellness precincts, we hope to catalyse the regeneration of neighbourhoods and surrounding communities to unlock the potential of. each area and deliver better community health and wellbeing. To further the goal of improved patient access, these facilities can also include community and wellness aspects such as gyms, childcare, cafés, social and civic functions.

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Healthier Returns

Healthcare developments outperform the market when done correctly.  They provide a relatively low-risk investment with stable returns that exceed other building uses and through decades of experience, our approach has been finely returned to maximise those returns.

Medispace is the only company that understands the intricate details and legal framwork required for establishing a new medical facility. Our ability to look at complex projects and also the minute details of an individual fit-out optimised for patient flow is unique.  While other companies may progress parts of projects, they tend to sub-contract much of it.  This adds cost and complications, which often leads to misalignment and unrealised return potential.  We take care of everything, an approach which ensures the returns are maximised and every opportunity is realised.  

Our team

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Roy Simmons

CEO & Project Director

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Pierre Hammond

Registered Architect

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Mark Simmons

Project Director

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Glen Hoyle

Business Development Manager

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Kate Cooper

Architectural Technician

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Louise Holden

Registered Architect

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Dan Anderson

Project Manager & QS

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Tom Vienazindis

Project Manager