A Unique Process for Unique Needs

Every medical practice has unique needs.  Every community has unique needs and every investor has unique needs.  There is no blueprint for medial facilities and this is not a 'copy and paste' exercise.  When Medispace approaches a new project, the process is designed to shape and mould to these unique needs so we're building health for practitioners, patients and investors.  

It begins with a full assessment of your situation, understanding exactly what challenges you have and what you want to achieve.  You might want a new reception area or a full fit out.  Or it might be a case of future proofing the business with a purpose built medical facility to accomodate like-minded professionals and complimentary businesses.  

Following the full assessment, Medispace will present a range of options with the costs and benefits for each. There is full transparency and we'll make you aware of any pitfalls which might be faced, and details of what can be done to mitigate them.  This is not a sales process, it's a development process and we make sure everything is made clear - the opportunities and risks. 

Working through the financial details, we adopt a 'do whatever it takes' mindset to tailor a solution that works for your unique situation.  This is very much a journey.  It might stop after advice, a design and fit out, or the development on a new facility.  Regardless, it will always result in setting up the practice for success now and the in the future.  

After the direction has been agreed, Medispace will produce the draft plans, costings and a detailed project timeline.  We will then seek agreement and alignment, testing the plans during reassessment to make sure they meet your vision.

Following agreement on vision alignment, the Medispace team will guide you through the entire journey, with clear and concise communication every step of the way.  We'll work through project feasibility, the finances, legal considerations, planning and consent, architectural designs, interior design, quantity surveying, construction, fit outs, and the building commissioning.  If that sounds like a lot, it's because it is.  That's why Medispace is unique. No other company has the expertise to do what we do or achieve the results we do.