Optimal Design. Optimal Operational Flow.

The best medical facilities make everything easy.  They make it easy for the practitioner to go about their work efficiently and deliver healthcare to the top of their ability.  They make it easy for for the patient, so their visit is as comfortable and pleasant as can be.  When Medispace approaches a fit out, we do it by first analysing the Clinician Flow and the Patient Flow. We seek to understand just how the facility can be optimised.  Then we make everything easy for everyone.  

The Medispace team will then draft a design detailing both the practitioner and patient journey.  This is often illuminating and identifies a number of changes which will have pronounced impact on practice efficiencies.  With decades of experience, the Medispace team possesses unique insights which can have a real bearing on both clinician and customer satisfaction.  

During the fit out stage, we will assist with planning so that any disruption is kept to a minimum, expediting various elements of the fit out at the correct time. Over the years we have become experts at reducing any down time or inconvenience, and the continuity of healthcare is a priority throughout the entire process.  We manage everything from start to finish, with clear communication at all times so you're fully appraised of progress.  

We specialise in the hard fit out. Everything that's fixed to the building, such as lighting, plumbing, joinery, electrical works, can be altered to change the clinician and patient flow.  Whilst we do not do soft fit outs, we can assist with educated recommendations for medical equipment and furniture, along with recommendations for sourcing these.  

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Delivering Satisfaction

Medispace has decades of experience in the whole picture dynamics of medical facilities.  We are uniquely placed to design and complete practice fitouts precisely because of our understanding of the other areas.  The obvious interdependencies and the nuanced butterfly effects - we are skilled in managing them all. It's this rare skillset that allows us to deliver satisfaction every single time.  

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Minimising Disruption

Every aspect of the project delivery is managed by Medispace.  This reduces the number of parties you have to deal with and allows us to make sure your Practice can continue to operate with the absolute minimum of disruption.  This is a significant advantage and in our experience there are considerable gains accrued from this single point of project delivery, including maintaining both income and patient satisfaction levels during the fitout process.